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Listens: Anthem of the Kaliningrad Region

Two Unexpected Meetings in Kaliningrad

Last week I happened to be in Kaliningrad, the Western-most region of Russia, where I managed to go to the opening of a photo exhibition by Oleg Maksimov, who has been celebrating his 90th anniversary this year, at the Vorota Art Space.

An unexpected added value of the event was not only the birthday child, who was present himself — and in very good spirits, but also a visit of Dali Rust (Dalia Cibauskaitė), a Lithuanian director, with her documentary "The Keeper of Time" (Laiko Saugotojas), which shows Kaliningrad with Oleg Maksimov's eyes, insights and reflections.

Dalia is not in Kaliningrad anymore. However, you can still manage to visit this amazing exhibition: It is running until 9 October 2019.


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