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My First Ever Social Network

I joined this social network well before connecting to Facebook, Twitter or VK, even before Odnoklassniki and Goldenline, the Polish LinkedIn, let alone that I did not realise what I was joining. A friend of mine from Latvia invited me to connect via Draugiem (translated as "For Friends" from Latvian) — and I accepted the call. Hence, VKontakte and Facebook became the Russian and the global Draugiem for me — and not vice-versa.

Originated in the start of a social network back in 2004, the Draugiem Group with offices in Latvia (Cēsis and Rīga), Mexico, Spain and the US includes plenty of various services and applications now — ranging from merchandising to printed products, from smart parking to worktime tracking systems, from home solutions to group buying portals and much more.

Unfortunately, when I joined Facebook and VK, I abandoned my Draugiem account, which I never used properly, as I see from today's perspective. But it does not blur the popularity and profitablity of the service in Latvia and the global Latvian village.


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