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Is the Commemoration of Deported Lithuanians and Poles a Crime in Russia?

This place deep in the forest, a swamp area, where the abandoned village of Galiashor near Kudymkar (Permian Komi District, Perm Region, Russia) is located, seems to be a pain in the neck for the local authorities. 

First, they wanted to pull down the monument to the victims of Soviet repressions, who were deported there from Lithuania and Poland. And in August 2019, Valeri Klimov, Head of the Territory of Kudymkar, not only refused to support the commemorative expedition but even disturbed its operation. The expedition participants including five Lithuanians, four Russians and one Italian, who were just beautifying area around the memorial, received a visit by the police, the forest ranger station and the migration service. 

According to the data by Perm Memorial, the organiser of the expedition, the participants were accused of defacing this remote area and flouting Russian migration laws. As a result, two criminal cases were opened, one against the organisers charged with illegal logging and another one against a local 70-year old resident, who agreed to register the Lithuanians for the entire stay in the area in his house (and they lived there indeed!).

In this case, only a wide information campaign can help to save all those involved from the prison. Re-posts and shares are very much appreciated.  


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