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Listens: Mārtiņš Dambis. Es gribētu

A Pioneer of Electric Race Cars

Latvia has been famous not only for its unique nature or traditions but also for quite modern inventions, like electric cars, even race ones.

All that became possible thanks to Andris Dambis, a sports car racing driver, who earlier participated in the Dakar Rally. In 2012, his crew was the first one to start the rally with an electric car. What is more, that was an invention of Andris' own OSC workshop located in the County of Ogre. In 2015 and 2016, electric sports cars constructed by him were winning the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Competition in the USA.

However, Andris is not going to stop. In 2017, he constructed his first electric mini bus and called it "OPP" (standing for 'opportunity'). Besides, he has been developing drones and pilotless planes.

Good luck, Andris! We are sure that you are going to surprise us again soon.  


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