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Beijing Welcomes You

A year ago, when I visited Tartu, I was surprised that a friend of mine had spent some months in China teaching Estonian to local students. Now, when I discovered that the Beijing Foreign Studies University, among 78 bachelor's programmes, also was offering Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian that came not all of a sudden to me.

There is not too much information on that available in other languages than Chinese. However, I found this news item mentioning a visit of Raimonds Vējonis, then President of Latvia, to the university, where he praised its Latvian language courses and 46 Chinese students learning the language. By the way, these students  also have an opportunity to study at the Riga Technical University for one full year.

Well, as you see, the Baltic languages are becoming really global, not only in Europe and Americas with large Latvian and Lithuanian diasporas but also in China. Welcome to Beijing!


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