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Listens: Audru Jõelaevanduse Punt. Tule Tuul

Baltic Midsummer in Berlin

No, it wasn't like that, of course:

However, that was really nice to sit on the lawn of the European Academy Berlin and attend Midsummer, probably the most popular holiday in the Baltics being celebrated in the night from 23 to 24 June, in an international company. Although the origins of the holiday definitely lie in the pagan traditions, modern names in all Baltic states are related to John the Baptist (Estonian: Jaanipäev; Latvian: Jāņi; Lithuanian: Joninės). 

This has become a good Berlin tradition already that the embassies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania organise the Midsummer holiday together — with local food and drinks, a chaplets' workshop, folk songs and dance. A bonus this year was Audru Jõelaevanduse Punt (Audru River Shipping Company), a band from the Southern Estonia, which sometimes was also singing in Latvian and Lithuanian.

And in reality it was like that:


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