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Listens: Už Raseinių, ant Dubysos

Back to Maironis

This is not the first and not the second time I am coming back to the personality of Maironis, a great Lithuanian poet and patriot. However, while researching for another story related to the Raseiniai Region, the fatherland of Maironis, a week ago or so, I, who also visited Raseiniai a couple of years ago, took a closer look at his famous "Daina" (Song).

To me, it has always been a hymn to the Raseiniai Region, its magnificent nature, etc., etc. However, I have apparantly never read the poem to the end:

Daugel žūva, daugel pūva,
Kas apverks jų dalį?
Už Uralo, žemės galo:
Ne po savo šalį!

(Many of them were killed, many disappeared,|
Who would mourn over their fate?
In the Urals, in the middle of nowhere:
Not in their homeland!)

Certainly, this should be a reminiscence of the uprising of 1863-1864, well known from the stories of his older relatives and acquaintances to Maironis himself. 

In a good piece of literature, you never get all the nuances at once. 


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