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MGIMO Finished?

This old Russian joke is not up-to-date anymore:

- How much watch?
- Six watch!
- Such much?
- For whom how.
- MGIMO finished?
- Ask!

Now you can learn languages in Russia to an extent, which would make no difference between you and native speakers. 

At MGIMO, or the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, one can also choose Latvian (master's programmes) and Lithuanian (bachelor's and master's programmes) as languages for learning. This became possible thanks to the Department of North European and Baltic Languages, whose history dates back to 1983.

Latvian has been taught by Olga Krasova, Department Chair, whose major area of interest is Danish. Lithuanian has been offered by Vilma Kaladytė, a graduate of the University of Vilnius with previous teaching experiences in Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia.

Apart from the Baltic languages, the current offer at the Department includes Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. Good thing to know just a couple of weeks before the start of the enrolment campaign for the universities.


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